We are seeking a developer responsible for building games for various target platforms based on the Unity framework. Your primary responsibilities will be to implement game functionality translating design ideas, concepts, and requirements into a functional and engaging game.



  • Implement game functionality as per communicated design
  • Translate design specification into functional game
  • Communicate with other team members to establish effective pipeline and integrate media assets
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of games
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to address and mitigate these problems



  • Minimum 6-12 month experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity, including experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management
  • Familiarity with level design and planning
  • Must have experience with game physics and particle systems
  • Experience with mobile game development
  • Experience optimising memory and space usage for support of older hardware
  • Experience with 3D.
  • Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving game standards and development technologies
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Familiarity with current design and architectural patterns
  • Knack for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code
  • Experience implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
  • Proficient knowledge of code versioning tools such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial
  • Make sure to mention any frameworks, libraries, or any other technology relevant to your project


To Apply, Send your Resume on “info@virtualproz.com” .