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Are you interested in sports and want extensive knowledge but also important practical experience in all areas of fitness sports? Are you interested in medical Connections during fitness training? Then there is an off and Training to / for the equipment fitness trainer (B license) exactly the right thing for you! The B license for [...]


Why should I become a naturopath for psychotherapy? Non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy are next to doctors and psychotherapists the most important contact for people with mental health problems. As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, you accompany and treat people who need psychological support. You can expect a very responsible and varied activity. Furthermore, following a [...]


The Middle School Certificate (MSA) Whatever the degree is called: MSc, Realschulabschluss or Mittlere Reife, it offers graduates many opportunities for a successful professional career and access to an attractive training place. Almost all vocational schools that prepare their students for a vocational qualification call for the MSA as an entry requirement. In addition to [...]


The profession of carpenter is a demanding, creative and solid crafting profession. Carpenters and carpenters use wood, a "warm" and "very popular" material to create individual pieces and custom-made products for their customers. Among the most important activities of this profession is the production of furniture, restorations, the production of windows and doors, as well [...]


Our goal in the "XXL- be active and show strength course" is to through an adequate and sustainable dietary change as well as the changing your eating habits your overall health, to permanently improve your quality of life and your self-esteem. The main goal is not only a significant weight loss, but also permanently escape [...]


What do I learn in this course? Three days a week you will receive lessons in the exam subjects. On the other two days, the vocational knowledge transfer takes place in the mentioned job profiles. Here you will receive important professional qualifications to complete a four-week internship after completing your secondary school education. The internship [...]


First general education The first general education (Hauptschulabschluss or Vocational training) is the basis and minimum requirement for almost every vocational training in Germany. He is the ticket to a successful future in the workplace. A school graduation is the best condition, a training place and offers more career options. In addition, the ESA is [...]


The profession of industrial clerks and his education enjoys for years great popularity in Germany. Industrial business men / Industrial clerks are employed in all areas of industry. You are responsible for all areas of responsibility of the commercial-economical area, the distribution, the Production, human resources, finance and accounting and materials management. Industrial clerks create [...]


The profession of boat builder is a recognized and demanding Craftsmanship and is one of the oldest occupations the world, because people have been up since ancient times Boats and ships navigate the water. The Fascination of the profession of boat builders lies mainly in the variety of activities. Moreover, this profession combines tradition and [...]


We focus on: learning and working in small groups flexible learning models Lectures by selected experts an integrated extensive internship the consistent renouncement of blended learning and e-learning You simply choose your suitable learning atmosphere: Exclusively with specialist trainers for your training Own studio for a creative and professional work and the creation of visual [...]