Project Description

The profession of carpenter is a demanding, creative and solid crafting profession. Carpenters and carpenters use wood, a “warm” and “very popular” material to create individual pieces and custom-made products for their customers.

Among the most important activities of this profession is the production of furniture, restorations, the production of windows and doors, as well as the production and assembly of interior fittings.

Carpenters do not only have to have a sound knowledge of different types of wood, but also have an aesthetic sense, creativity and a great deal of intuition. ? Since woodwork always involves loving precision are carpenters and carpenters? have a special eye for detail.

Which tasks have carpenters?

The main activities of the carpenter are roughly divided into two categories.

  • Joinery: In the joinery you see buildings? fixed buildable objects such as windows, doors or stairs.
  • Cabinetmaking: In the furniture workshop is one for the? Interior of the rooms responsible and cares under? including cabinets, tables or parquet floors – all the way to? complete fitted kitchens and conservatories.

Many carpenter companies usually cover both fields of activity. ? In addition to “all-round carpentry”, however, there are also numerous? “Specialist joineries” who concentrate, for example, only on the? Window, sauna or kitchen.