Project Description

You are in training as a mediator or for mediator;
Plan yourself as a mediator or mediator to be certified;
want your practice as a mediator or reflecting as a mediator;
want theoretical Deepen questions on the background of your practical experience;
want to ensure the quality of your mediation practice.

We are certified mediators and supervisors;
have many years of consulting experience with individuals, groups and teams in the non-profit and profit sectors; support you in your professional development; allow you the legal To meet requirements;
offer individual supervision and group supervision for mediators.

Single supervision is the right format for you if you Reflect the challenges of your practice and the compelling ones Prerequisite for the education and training of mediators according to the Mediation Act of 2012 or the “Certified Mediators Training Regulation “, which came into force on 01.09.2017, want to fulfill.

The individual supervision for mediators we lead in our Premises in Hamburg, Münster and Cologne by.

The individual supervision usually lasts one and a half to two Time hours. The fee will be charged according to the time spent. We provide individual supervision for mediators who are in training at a reduced hourly rate.

Following the individual supervision, you will receive one from us appropriate certificate of participation for the Certification or re-certification is needed.

You can reserve for one of the following days (s.u.) We will inform you as soon as possible about availability, conditions and further information. Only then is a binding commitment required.