Project Description

Why should I become a naturopath for psychotherapy?

Non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy are next to doctors and psychotherapists the most important contact for people with mental health problems. As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, you accompany and treat people who need psychological support. You can expect a very responsible and varied activity. Furthermore, following a continuing education as a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy, you can become self-employed and start your own practice.Because of the rise of mental illness in our society, such as depression and burn-out, your peers are in great demand and your job prospects in this area very promising.

Our course is aimed at people who:

  • work in the psychosocial field and an additional qualification (social workers, social workers, educators, Nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, Music therapist, physiotherapist, u.v.m.)
  • want to work in therapeutic contexts
  • Focused on the examination Naturopath for Psychotherapy want to prepare in Hamburg