Project Description

Morning, half past ten in Germany. Rain – the hairstyle is sitting. Whether stinginess is cool or nothing is impossible. He or she does Kids happy and adults alike. What is in yours? Head in front, if you hear all this? Are you wondering what these are confused string of words should or wonder You, which is why some classics of advertising slogans to be spoiled? If you like the advertising slogans You have come to the right place to receive training to a merchant / saleswoman for marketing communication to be completed. If you are interested in good advertising, You should be active in the future yourself.

What is marketing communication? Marketing busy to accept any products or services market and thus bring it to the end consumer. Merchants for marketing communications are in favor in charge that the desired target audience is correct addressed and enthusiastic for the advertised product becomes. Develop merchants for marketing communication Marketing strategies for various media, such as TV, print, Online or Social Media Marketing, and put these commercially. Communication marketing is more than the invention and switching of advertising on television, in magazines or online. All the big German and international advertising agencies, are developing nowadays mostly cross-media advertising campaigns.

The main tasks of this profession include:

  • Observation and analysis of the market
  • Determination of target groups
  • Development and conception of communication campaigns
  • Development of marketing strategies for various marketing channels
  • Implementation / organization of the strategy in the market
  • Budget Planning
  • Control campaigns and measure success