Project Description

Imagine, you have a contact – completely for yourself alone – with which you can plan your future career. Of them Helping to get the right job or the right training Find. Who practices job interviews that motivates you and It reminds you what you already know. There is not any? But, Grone Network offers a special job job perspective Course in which you are the center of attention and everything around you and yours professional future turns. They work together with your jobcoach at the Restoration of motivation and self-confidence in one’s own business skills. And you are encouraged to think outside the box. You’ll also get help matching your existing ones Skills with professional activities.

We offer 3 different courses for coaching:

  • Compact job perspective: a total of 10 hours (2-3 appointments) Focus: Application Management
  • Job perspective medium: 30 hours in total (7-10 appointments) Focus: Potential analysis with detailed application management
  • Job perspective premium: a total of 150 hours (3-5 appointments per week for a total of 10 weeks) Detailed potential analysis, health management and application management

In the personal coaching you develop goals that you have so far seemed out of reach. Through intensive cooperation with yours Coach develop confidence in yourself, recognize your hidden Talents and develop a realistic action plan.