Project Description

The profession of industrial clerks and his education enjoys for years great popularity in Germany. Industrial business men / Industrial clerks are employed in all areas of industry. You are responsible for all areas of responsibility of the commercial-economical area, the distribution, the Production, human resources, finance and accounting and materials management.
Industrial clerks create in which department depending on they are active, the service and organization plans, the employment contracts or earnings statements. You supervise the controlling of Production processes, materials management, invoicing, of purchasing or planning whole manufacturing processes.
Industrial clerks look after a variety of processes within different companies in the industry and are therefore true All-rounders in their field. The need for well-qualified industrial clerks is in economic Sectors such as trade, services and administration are also very high.

We focus on:

  • learning and working in small groups
  • flexible learning models
  • Lectures by selected experts
  • an integrated extensive internship
  • individual support with a range of support courses? in the main subjects
  • the consistent renouncement of blended learning and e-learning