Project Description

First general education

The first general education (Hauptschulabschluss or Vocational training) is the basis and minimum requirement for almost every vocational training in Germany. He is the ticket to a successful future in the workplace.
A school graduation is the best condition, a training place and offers more career options. In addition, the ESA is a good basis to later the Middle To graduate and thus get more opportunities to open up.

MY SCHOOL sees herself as YOUR SCHOOL

My School, with its industry-experienced staff in the lower various areas of vocational training and further education guarantee Quality, knowledge and safety. The Academy for the professional Rise My School is a new modern educational institution, which is located in the areas of advanced training and retraining in the upper sector or specialized outside the regular school time. To our Customers include: SGB III recipients, private customers / self-payers, Corporate clients. We

  • Design lessons modern and fexibel
  • Give room for individual learning and individual promotion
  • Only use qualified personnel
  • Attach importance to everyone on his away to learning the necessary offers, to provide appropriate support and care