Project Description

The profession of physiotherapist is an important one Part of today’s health care system in Germany and Europe. The healthcare industry has proven to be resilient in recent years and is also considered one of the booming industries that has a significant Offers growth and innovation potential. Therefore, the demand for qualified physiotherapists is growing steadily.

Due to the important work of physiotherapists in prevention, curative and rehabilitative medicine, it is only possible the successes of modern medicine secure in hospitals, practices and rehabilitation in the long term.

Physiotherapists take care that all people in society are in Keep moving and every individual therapy becomes a therapeutic success. For this come different physiotherapeutic treatment techniques for use.

Through empathy and enjoyment of working with people, everyone becomes Patient motivated to exercise and exercise to be such a long-term To be able to guarantee therapy and training success.

With the completed training as a physiotherapist Therefore, there are excellent, wide-ranging career opportunities.

Training subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • physiology
  • General and Special Disease In different disciplines (surgery, Orthopedics, neurology etc …)
  • Physiotherapeutic findings and examination techniques
  • Physiotherapeutic treatment techniques
  • Methodical applications of physiotherapy in the medical disciplines (surgery, orthopedics, Neurology etc …)
  • Massage Therapy