Project Description

Are you interested in sports and want extensive knowledge but also important practical experience in all areas of fitness sports? Are you interested in medical Connections during fitness training? Then there is an off and Training to / for the equipment fitness trainer (B license) exactly the right thing for you! The B license for fitness equipment trainer certifies that you have all the basics of strength training, the device handling and a perfect creation of training plans dominate. Such proof is in all professional Fitness facilities meet the minimum occupational requirement to get there to be successful as a fitness trainer. By This education will give you all the doors for a professional Success as a device fitness trainer in excellent Gyms open.

This training is ideal for anyone who:

  • Qualified fitness training or personal training in fitness studios, Wellness facilities or sports clubs.
  • Are interested in sports and full-time or part-time coaching tasks in clubs, in company sports or in the gym on a fee basis want to offer.
  • As an entertainer in holiday, sports and wellness centers or on Cruise ships want to work and their offer as Device fitness trainer want to expand.
  • Already coaches in one sport discipline and another Qualification for entry into the emerging fitness market want to purchase.