Project Description

The profession of boat builder is a recognized and demanding Craftsmanship and is one of the oldest occupations the world, because people have been up since ancient times Boats and ships navigate the water. The Fascination of the profession of boat builders lies mainly in the variety of activities.
Moreover, this profession combines tradition and Modernity perfect with each other. Innen boatbuilder repair, maintain or build boats themselves together. Who wants to practice this profession, should not be afraid of water and while Boat repairs of stiff breeze in hamburger Harbor can withstand. Besides, you should not very squeamish, because to build boats is physically hard work. For this, the working possibilities very diverse and career prospects promising.

The main tasks of this profession include:

  • Construction, maintenance and repair of boats and yachts
  • Manufacture of hulls, decks and surfaces from? Boats and yachts
  • Depending on the specialty: installation of electrical and? electronic equipment

Boatbuilders mostly find employment:

  • at shipyards
  • in marinas
  • in boat rental with workshop operation
  • at supplier companies in the industry