Project Description

Plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology are important experts when it comes to the topic of Disposal in the context of building technology goes. you are both responsible for advising customers, installation of plumbing and heating systems as well as the maintenance and Repair of equipment in the house.

They work with various materials made of metal and plastic corresponding tool. In addition, the job description includes the installation of air supply and water systems as well the installation and connection of shower cubicles, Bathtubs and other sanitary facilities.

Also, the connection and commissioning of heating systems are on the agenda in this profession. So that these
Basic care that we all use, safe and proper available and all criteria in terms of “Energy saving” are met, you need the specialist competencies of the plant mechanic.

At the same time, they are offered a demanding field of activity in the installation in old and new buildings as well as in maintenance, Repair and fault service.

Plant mechanics for sanitary, heating and air conditioning have very diverse and varied tasks. This includes mainly:

  • inspect supply systems, wait, check and repair
  • Electrical components and components install and check
  • Work results (quality management) check and check
  • Pipelines, ducts and components of the Install supply and disposal systems and dismantle
  • Transfer plants to the customer and into the Instruct the operator
  • Plan and control work processes
  • Customers in terms of products and services of the company respecting ecological and advise and look after economic aspects
  • Careful and responsible work
  • Strong service awareness and customer-oriented communication